We perused the World looking for somewhere to move our lives, from London. Somewhere with space and planetiness. We wanted beautiful sandy coastlines (where we could explore small secret coves), we wanted hills and mountains nearby (being surrounded by big peaks makes everything feel planet-y). When we travelled we lived differently; bigger. We hoped to find a place where the outside adventure felt closer, then we could frequently travel to big cities for work and play and hustle-bustle adventures.

So after a few years of exploring, from California to Portugal via the South of France, we discovered that maybe the westest of wales had the right blend of great outdoors for us. We moved to Pembrokeshire on a feeling, with little knowledge of the area, and we’re so glad we did! Now we get to discover more of it’s hidden treasures every single day.

When we go out for our walks on wild empty beaches, to gaze at spectacular sunsets or wander in beautiful woods or along challenging coastal paths or relax under blossom trees to eat award winning food or take a road trip to zip wire over a quarry or climb a mountain or boat out to sea to watch dolphins with a faraway mountain backdrop. It REALLY feels like we live on holiday.

An excellent outcome of writing about our adventures is realising how lucky we are, and we want to share that to inspire you, too!

Our Pembrokeshire adventures are sometimes more akin to ‘slow travel’. We visit some places over and over, so you will come to find more detail, many lovely and epic circular walks, big lists of yum scrum restaurants and more! Let’s go!

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