Adventure Everywhere - your heroes having a nice rest, looking up at the stars above Grand Canyon

The stardust-y beginnings of Adventure Everywhere

I think it was here (this trip, lying on that blanket, looking at those stars and the infinite beyond) where the realisation of how life-enhancing, awe inspiring, human-to-planet-to-sky-to-universe connecting it can be, to become fully aware of the significance of experiencing the planet as an actual planet, colliding with the beautiful insignificance of us tiny humans being tiny humans over here in London then, in a different moment, being tiny humans over there in a cactus desert, or on a wild welsh beach, or in a rainforest, or at the edge of the Grand Canyon and seeing it all with our tiny human eyes and conveying that ‘seeing’ insight to our own lives and how we choose to live them (or something like that) began to grow inside us, through us, entwining us.

Where that enjoyment of feeling tiny (a little thing atop the planet) and simultaneously massive (a stardusty piece of ALL of it), where those internal warmth explosions for how fucking incredible everything is, connected with our conscious realisation that we could do more of this with our tiny selves and expand our insides by exploring the outside. We live on a planet! We can choose to be explorers!

We (debs and jamie) make movies because moving images are magical; they contain everything; motion, voice, light, music, story, places, emotion, ideas, love, hurt, joy, delight; everything! All of life! There is secret life magic hidden around all the teeny corners and under the bowed branches and big leaves of the world. We want to seek out the life magic. 

It is often in unexpected places that we become fully aware of love and joy and delight, to the extent that we feel compelled to document the experience of it. To try to grasp a tiny bit of the feeling, to keep for later. Not even really to watch it later, just that the act of filming and talking of it, taking note, paying attention in the moment, will help it to sink in deeper, become a part of us and our life experience. It feels like revelation, even though it’s probably age-old human-to-planet connection popping back up into consciousness.

That unexplained feeling — when we’re walking and the sunset… (chef’s kiss) and the moon… (chef’s kiss) and our bodies are warm from the movement… and the sound of the river (remember when the river sounded like a muffled old radio broadcast?), or the sea, or an owl, or a “what’s that?” — of curious calm wild wonder.

Even when there’s the appearance of not much going on, maybe, sometimes, it’s in the ‘not much’ that we find the exact perfect amount of everything. Maybe.

Maybe we keep taking photos and video in the naive hope that we will one day capture something that accurately portrays the magic and beauty and significant insignificance and connected curious creative courageous consciousness of it all.

Annnnnyyyyywaaaaay, that’s why we thought it would be nice to begin with this particular photo and assortment of words. This thing (Adventure Everywhere) is a collection of tiny moments and big moments, rushing past or moving slowly, sometimes staying completely still and watching and breathing ten big… deep… breaths… (cos sometimes it’s important to pay attention to the vagus nerve and become more aware of the adventures within the human body).

So we’ll keep living our moments, trying to capture some sort of infinite truth 🙂 (no biggy, it’ll be our pleasure). We’ll endeavour to be courageous enough to share our inadequate attempts and glorious discoveries and our truths with you. We’ll certainly share our silly adventures and maybe you’ll enjoy seeing and hopefully feeling some of the magic we find.

Everything included in Adventure Everywhere is some sort of recounting of something we (jamie and debs aka SUPER MEGA ACTION PLUS) have personally experienced or researched or discovered. A thing we have done and think you could enjoy to do, too. 

If you become inspired, or use one of our Tip Top Tips, or choose a similar adventure, or explore the same place, then we’ll have a connection to you. Which is radical.

This is the beginnings of a place to share ourselves. A burgeoning account of places we have been and things we have seen. It may be slow growing but we enjoy to pay attention and take care and mean everything we say. We want to adventure, we want to stay fully aware; conscious, curious, creative, courageous and connected to the planet and our lives. Let’s go!

Toodlepips! Bon Voyage! TTFN!
debs and jamie

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